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About AINova

Projects 2003

Title: COMPASK – Decentralized Composting as an Approach Towards a Sustainable Bio-waste Management in Austria and Slovakia
Coordinator: Austrian Institute for Environment and Technology
Partners: Environmental Policy Programme of AINova, Municipal Office of Svätý Jur, SK; Lower Austria County, City of Vienna, ECO-counselling, Vienna, Municipal Union for Waste Treatment in the County of Bruck an der Leitha.
Goal: The project aimed at reducing generation of municipal waste by means of decentralized composting, to reduce the amount of biodegradable waste disposed of by land filling, to strengthen international and cross-border cooperation with respect to meeting the EU requirements in waste management, and to contribute to environmental education and promotion and public participation in decision making process
Target group: local government representatives

Title: Environmental Law and Preparation of the Slovak Republic for the Accession to EU
Coordinator: Open, Distance and Vocational Learning Programme of AINova
Partner: European Studies Programme of AINova
Goal: The project objective was to develop a distance-learning course with the goal of widening the opportunities in education in the area of European issues with the focus on European environmental law.
Target groups: employees of governmental institutions, municipalities and the management of protected areas.

Title: Capacities Building Training of Slovak Representatives in Various EU Fora
Coordinator: European Studies Programme of AINova
Partner: European Institute of Public Administration in Maastricht, NL; Office of Government of the SR, Civil Service Office, SK..
Goal: The goal of the project was to organize seminars in the decision-making procedures in the EU and the EEA, European negotiations, adapting to European integration, how to effectively coordinate EU policy making, committees and comitology in the political process of the EC.
Target group: employees of central government institutions

Title: Wooden Way
Coordinator: Built Heritage Conservation and Development Programme of AINova
Partner: Regional Development Agency Tatry-Spiš, Sk; Bryggen Foundation, N
Goal: The project aimed at safeguarding the traditional sacral wooden architecture in Eastern Slovakia. The goal of this pilot project was focused on creating a system of monitoring, inspection and maintenance of the churches, as well as exchange of Slovak-Norwegian experience in the field of heritage protection.
Target group: owners of the wooden churches - Greek-Catholic Bishopric in Eastern Slovakia

EUROPEAN COMMISSION/ Leonardo da Vinci Project 2003 –2005
Title: JOB – Professional Basic Qualifications for Young People Without Any Vocational Qualification
Coordinator: LKT-TGM Polymer and Environmental Centre Vienna, Austria
FH-Studiengang Informationsdesign, Austria
Polytechnische Schule Hallein, Austria
Polytechnische Schule Ottensheim, Austria
Technologisches Gewerbemuseum TGM, Austria
Ă–sterreichisches Institut fĂĽr Berufsbildungsforschung Ă–IBF, Austria
CVU Storkøbenhavn - Centre for Higher Education – Greater Copenhagen, Denmark
Danmarks Pædagogiske Universitet DPU - The Danish University of Education
Produktionsskolen PĂĄ sporet , Denmark
Skanderborg Produktionsskole - Production School Skanderborg, Denmark
Udviklingshojskolen Egen Mark- Production School Egen Mark, Denmark
Fundação Escola Profissional de Setúbal, Portugal
Center for Vocational Education of the Republic of Slovenia
International Center for Sustainable Development; Slovenia
Academia Istropoliotana Nova, Slovakia;
Štátny inštitút odborného vzdelávania - State Institute of Vocational Education and Training, Slovakia
Konrad Associates International, UK
Key Stage 4 Student Support College, UK
Arbeitsmarktservice Ă–sterreich AMS, Austria
Bundesministerium fĂĽr Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur, Austria
Schulen des Berufsförderungsinstitutes Wien, Austria
Goal: The goal of the project is to increase the motivation of young people to continue with their education and/or to re-integrate those who failed in the education system and do not have the necessary qualification for employment.
Target group: The project targets young people without any form of vocational training, i.e. young people who possess a leaving certificate from compulsory education but have not completed any vocational education as well as young people who are in danger (e.g. due to lack of motivation, no sense of professional direction, learning difficulties or social background) of dropping out of a course of vocational training once begun.