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About AINova

Projects 2006

HEADLEY TRUST (2006 – 2009) The grant awarded by the British Foundation Headley Trust supports young heritage professionals, mainly from Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans and former USSR countries, interested in attending one-year studies of the Built Heritage Conservation and Development programme. The support also partially covers travel costs of foreign lecturers, technical equipment and purchase of relevant literature.

PrvĂĄ stavebnĂĄ sporiteĞňa, a.s.; WĂźstenrot, a.s.; German Federal Ministry for Transport, Construction and Housing; Austrian Federal Ministry for Economy and Labour (2005 – 2007) The mentioned institutions support the project Efficiency Analysis of Housing Administration in Slovakia and Development of Concepts for Education and Practical Training. It aims to analyse administration of private housing stock in Slovakia, give recommendations for legislation improvements and develop a concept for education/training of housing administrators.

PrvĂĄ stavebnĂĄ sporiteĞňa, a.s. (PSS) grant for the BHCD Dept. (2005-2006) The financial support was provided to three young heritage professionals in order to conduct applied research in the academic year 2005/2006. The grant was also dedicated to co-finance the development of a new training course consisting of 100 lecture hours - “Management of World Heritage Sites in Slovakia”. It also helped to co-finance many other activities of the BHCD Dept. related mostly to the built heritage.

SLOVAK-AID / Bratislava-Belgrade Fund (2005-2007) Project 4 B – Bratislava-Belgrade-Brussels Bridge was designed for Serbian civil servants, however 2 study visits in Slovakia were organised for the Serbian journalists who report on EU issues. The aim of the project was to help the country in the process of association negotiations with the EU and transfer the experience of Slovakia. Within the project the civil servants participated in trainings on European integration, negotiation trainings and study visits taking place in Slovakia and it was coordinated with another Slovak-Aid project organised by the Institute of International Relations and Approximation of Law, Law Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava.

EC Development Policy Project PHARE Framework Contract AMS/451 Lot9(2005-2006) The EC project Organisation of events to raise awareness on EU development cooperation in Slovakia was focused on spreading information regarding the EU and Slovak development aid for representative of mass media, non-profit organisations and public through the web page and a round table discussion. The project was implemented in close co-operation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic.

EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND/SOP HUMAN RESOURCES No. 3 (2006-2007) The goal of the project New skills for information society – pilot educational programme in IT was the preparation of educational programme JAVA Academy, which will enable to participants to gain qualifications and skills of modern programmer. Coordinator of the project was the IT Company PosAm, ltd. The role of AINova was in preparation of needs analyzes and market search, as well as in preparation and implementing of educational module reflecting information society in EU context.

EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND / SOP Human Resources, Priority 3 (2005-2006) The project Training of the Employees of the Public Administration and Municipalities in the Topics Necessary for Local and Regional Development (PROMISE) focused on improvement of the skills and knowledge of the public administration employees in 12 micro-regions within Slovakia. The training concentrated on the following topics: EU influence on existence and development of Slovak regions, structural funds and other EU programmes, strategic planning and local development, project design and management, and PC skills and the use of the Internet.

EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND / JPD Bratislava Goal 3 (2005-2006) The project Training of Public Administration for Better Development of Bratislava Region focuses on training of civil servants and local governments’ representatives in European integration – institutional, legal and economic aspects, public policy, strategic planning and territorial management as well as in project management and IT skills.

EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND / SOP Human Resources, Priority 3 (2005-2008) The main objective of the project Methodology of Flexible Learning – a Systematic Solution for Life-Long Learning is to widen the offer of life-long learning courses with new innovative forms of e-learning courses. The courses developed during the project are as follows: Methodology of flexible learning, European integration, and Environmental protection & Environmental education. They are targeted especially at teachers of formal education, lecturers of life-long learning and also university graduates.

AUSTRIAN CULTURAL FORUM (2006) The Austrian Cultural Forum of the Austrian Embassy in the Slovak Republic supported Austrian experts lecturing in courses and training activities of the European Studies Dept., and Environment Policy Dept. organised at AINova in 2006.

PSS, a s. grant for support of the Information Tourist Centre (2006) PSS, a.s. co-financed the activities and running costs of the Tourist Information Centre (ITC) in Svätý Jur. ITC run by the AINova staff is oriented towards providing information on cultural and natural heritage of the region. It offers training courses, the Internet and library for public and serves for a number of social events such as exhibitions, discussions and meetings of different clubs.