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About AINova

Projects 2008

Slovak Telekom Fund (2008)
Funded project Living Together aims at strengthening of the inter-generation communication in Svätý Jur. The target groups are members of the youngest and oldest generations. Project is based on colleting old photos and related stories. From the best of them a photo exhibition will be installed in the premises of the Information Center in Svätý Jur.

AINova cooperates with the European Institute of Public Administration - ECR Barcelona within the AGIS project The Europeanization of Prisons: prison management, best practices dissemination. The ES Dept. is undertaking a preparatory search for the best practises that are of interest in the context of the planned conferences, identifies and selects in coordination with EIPA-ECR the Slovak experts to be invited, assists in preparation of programmes of conferences and contributes to the activities with the Slovak view at the issue. One of the planned conferences will take place in Bratislava.

EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND / SOP Human Resources, Priority 3 (2005-2008)
The main objective of the project Methodology of Flexible Learning – a Systematic Solution for Life-Long Learning is to widen the offer of life-long learning courses with new innovative forms of e-learning courses. The courses developed during the project: Methodology of flexible learning, European integration, Environmental protection & Environmental education are targeted especially at teachers of formal education, lecturers of life-long learning and also university graduates.

Life-Long Learning Programme - GRUNDTVIG/ Learning Partnership (2007 – 2009)
A new partnership of 7 institutions from different European countries started to develop a common project E-LAMP-Spotlight on Learning, Access, Methodology and Pedagogic in E- learning. Partners focus on the search and analyses of current e-learning courses in participated countries from methodological and pedagogical aspects. The aim of the partnership is to exchange the best practices and develop recommendations for new approaches in the use of existing methodology of e-learning which will be more learners oriented.

Block grant for the NGO, Financial mechanism of the EEA, Norwegian financial mechanism and Slovak state budget – Human rights (2008 – 2010)
The main objective of the project Improving the legal background of the public administration employees when solving the civil disputes is to increase the legal background of employees of municipalities in Slovakia in application of § 5 of Civil code (power to issue the preliminary measures to establish the peaceful situation in disputes between neighbors) and mediation, to promote and facilitate their proper application and create a forum for discussion and exchange of experience.

Life-Long Learning Programme - GRUNDTVIG/ Multilateral Projects (2008 – 2010)
International multilateral project E-EdUcAtED – E-Learning on EU – Adult Education for Teachers. An international partnership consists of 7 institutions from different European countries. Coordinator of the project is AINova. The objective of the project is to create curriculum of the e-learning course for teachers of secondary schools, universities as well as for other persons working in the field of education. The course will provide them with overview of EU issues. The project is also a basis for exchange of experience and best practices of partners. The project ends with the international conference in Svaty Jur in May 2010.