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About AINova

About AINova

AINova is a civic association with the mission of contributing to the strengthening and development of an open society, oriented towards applying the knowledge and democratic principles within its management. In accordance with its main mission, AINova enhances the process of the European integration.

The aim of the institution is to provide new opportunities for education in the subject areas which are either absent or not fully developed in the current educational system. AINova is striving to connect to the knowledge and experience of partner institutions at home and abroad. Educational activities are enhanced with other professional activities, focusing on raising the awareness of the broader public in relation to the selected issues. AINova, apart from education, also pays attention to applied research and provides consultation services. These practical activities are, in terms of the programmes, interconnected with the content of education.

The AINova operation is targeted mainly at the field of protection and development of a good quality environment (cultural and natural) and its integration into the local development, civic society development and European integration, including the sphere of communication and enhancement of foreign language skills. The principle of its programme orientation is based on an opening of new socially current themes, implementation of innovative forms of their communication towards the professional as well as laic public, and raising awareness and experience from the European integration process towards the future accessing countries.

Activities, provided by the institution, are elaborated to serve various target groups with an attempt to reach their complementariness and synergy: AINova provides specialised professional education for experts, employees of the state and local self- government, the European administration workers, teachers, the youth and pupils as well as the public. In the segment of year- round specialised education in the field of protection and development of cultural heritage and in the projects of cross-boarder cooperation related to the European integration, the participants and lecturers communicate in English. This provides an opportunity for networking of international groups of students across the European area and its boarders, and a chance for direct action of foreign experts in the pedagogical process.

As AINova is located in the town of SvätĂ˝ Jur with rich traditions and close to the capital city of Slovakia, it creates favourable conditions for the creation of the right study atmosphere. Apart from its own premises, for its pedagogical and awareness rising activity AINova also uses the premises of the local information centre in SvätĂ˝ Jur. In cooperation with the town and thanks to a successful EU project, the information centre holds AINova’s library, the internet connection accessible by the public as well as a space for bigger social meetings and exhibitions.

The accreditation by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic for the provided programmes in the frame of life-long education, serves as a guarantee of professional qualities within the educational processes. Several international awards confirm and enhance the correctness of AINova`s orientation, and currentness within its attempts. The success with the grant schemes at home and abroad as well as sponsorship by the public sector verifies the permanent social currentness of the AINova`s direction.