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Cultural heritage

About the project

Short Description
   The project “Partners for Heritage” is focused on preservation and sustainable development of cultural landscape of Lesser Carpathian region. This project is a result of long-lasting activities of AINova which are dealing also with the topic of preservation and development of cultural and natural heritage and education in this field. The project started in 2007 after several years of AINova presence in the region and experience with the local environment.

   The mission of the project is to positively influence the development of the Lesser Carpathian region.

Project activities
   The mission will be embodied through public awareness raising campaign which will overwhelm education for public about importance and values of Lesser Carpathian region and organization of professional courses oriented to raising knowledge and abilities in the field of renewal and development of cultural and historical potentials of the region.
Other activities of the project will embrace the establishment of the regional centre of assistance which will offer consultation services and technical support for the owners of historical objects and publications issuing focused on traditional architecture of the Lesser Carpathian region.