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Since its establishment AINova’s team of professionals were gradually opening 6 specialised one- year study programmes- Built Heritage and Conservation Study Programme, Environmental Policy, European Studies, Professional Programme in Applied Economy, Journalism Programme and Public Policy Programme. Participants at these programmes were supported in special English courses run by the Professional and Language Communication program. Between 1998 and 2004 AINova had approximately 600 students. Slovak and foreign graduates mostly from Eastern and South-East Europe found their jobs in public administration, the third sector and financial institutions, and many of them continued in their doctorate studies at universities in Western Europe and in the USA.

In the period of Slovakia’s accession to the European Union, AINova through specialised courses was actively involved in the training of people from the public sector, young political leaders and mass-media experts. Between 1999 and 2006 altogether 4 500 participants came to the courses organised by AINova. In Slovakia the importance of life-long learning has increase since our membership in the EU, when more intensive attention has been paid to “knowledge economy” building and the implementation of the Lisbon Strategy.