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Project Cycle Management


Consultation in project design, project implementation, administration and financial reporting

With exception to the interactive course Project Design & Management you can use AINova’s consultation services in this field.

AINova can support you from the very beginning, when you have a project idea to the successful end when you will see the real outputs.

AINova experts offer counselling and recommendations to the potential project promoters:

  • how and where to receive funding for your project
  • how to be familiar with the number of possibilities of getting money for your project idea
  • what is important for you to know when making a decision and what Call for proposal is the most appropriate for you
  • how and where to get information about the EU funding possibilities
  • how and where to find appropriate project partners
  • how to make your project idea eligible for the certain Call for proposal
  • how to make the problem analysis and set up the realistic project objectives
  • how to make the right decision which objectives will become objectives of you project
  • how to write a project application form
  • how to successfully implement and manage your project
  • how to secure financial sustainability of project activities after project completion

Why to prefer the consultation before tailored-made project?

  • You will save money
  • You may learn during the process of project planning and implemantation
  • You will make progress
  • You will avoid the situation where an external expert will set up the project objectives which you will not be able to achieve

* After some time you will be able to design and implement your project by yourself