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European affairs


Mgr. Katarína Cigánová, katarina.ciganova(at)
Project Manager and Trainer
After completing the School of Public Administration and a number of courses aimed at training and European affairs, she has been covering the topics of history of European integration, EU institutions and decision-making, regional policy and funds, European citizenship.

Mgr. Marta Jendeková M.A.,maternity leave, marta.jendekova(at)
Project Manager and Trainer
As a university graduate of Library and Information Science and English she chose to take an MA in European Legal Studies. As a trainer she now covers the topics of EU institutions, basics of EU law, EU decision-making processes, national coordination of EU affairs, EU information and documentation. She has also designed and led the Eurospeak course devoted to specialised English terminology of the EU.

PhDr. Zuzana Štefániková, zuzana.stefanikova(at)
Project Manager and Trainer
She is a trainer in the area of project management based especially on the logical matrix that was elaborated by the European Commission for preparation of quality projects to implement the EU funds.

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