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Local development and strategic planing


Social and demographic change in European cities exposes residential housing stocks to an extreme pressure to adapt. Trends like the aging society, shrinking population numbers, in- and out-migration, changing household patterns, new lifestyles, growing numbers of poor households and rising awareness towards ecological aspects lead to new needs for housing. This is a real challenge for the owners of residential buildings. Whereas public or private housing companies are usually able to take the adequate measures, single private owners often lack the necessary resources and skills. Their property remains as it is and fails to meet the new needs. As the majority of Central European residential buildings belong to single private owners, this poses a severe threat to social stability, economic growth and ecological effectiveness of Central European cities and regions.

Project intends to deliver instruments for the activation of private owners in order to integrate them into overall housing and urban development strategies. It will develop consulting systems that supply owners with knowledge on housing market trends, adapted use concepts, financing/funding possibilities, renovation procedures, state-of-the-art building equipment, marketing and management aspects. This will enable them to take the appropriate measures towards a building stock that meets the new needs. Only few Central European cities have yet implemented simple consulting instruments for private owners. Information and experience on this field is hard to find and makes the development of such instruments ineffective and risky. Transnational cooperation will bring together the existing beginnings; it offers the chance to unify them towards an upgraded, effective, and consulting system.

EPOurban partners will jointly develop a ready-to-use action plans that allows creating and implementing consulting systems in municipalities of different background and size. Partners will test these instruments by pilot implementing them in their cities. A sustainable transnational network on consulting will provide information via website and other media during and after project lifetime. This will help to address the pan-European problem of integrating private owners into urban restructuring processes.