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3.E-LAMP – Spotlight on learning, access, methodology and pedagogic in E-learning, 2007-2009

The global aim of the E-LAMP project under the LLP-Grundtvig - Learning Partnerships programme was to make it easier for adults to access learning. The project task of the partners was to review and analyse methodology and pedagogy of present e-learning courses to share the good practises and develop new ways of using the existing softwares oriented more towards the learner.

Partner project organisations:
Academia Istropolitana Nova, Slovakia
Vanajaveden Opisto, Finnland
VUC Nordjylland, Danmark (leader)
Ümit Egitim Gönüllüleri Dernegi, Turkey
Murad & Murad gmbh, Austria
Oslo Voksenopplæring Åsen, Norway
Alexander Technological Education Institute of Thessaloniki, Greece

The project activities included:
- distribution and evaluation of questionners for evaluation of experience in methodology of e-learning
- SWOT analysis of education processes in participating institutions
- Recommendations for e-courses
- Project meetings in the countries of partners

The project results can be a source of inspiration and information for several target groups such as teachers and tutors of adult education, authors of study texts, managers of adult education, people with special needs, unemployed.