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AINova fulfils its mission through the provision of life-long learning, applied research, and consultancy. All the activities that AINova runs have a public character. They are run with the goal of increasing the capacity, effectiveness, and professionalism of both public and private sectors.

Life-long learning takes the form of a one-year specialised programme in specific subject areas or in the form of short-term training courses, conferences, seminars and workshops. Particular importance of these has been growing in recent years.

Since the establishment of the institution in 1996 AINova experts have prepared and run six specialised programmes based on intensive international cooperation – Built Heritage Conservation and Development, Environmental Policy, European Studies, Professional Programme in Applied Economics and Finances, Journalism, Public Policy Programme. Participants at these programmes were supported in special English courses run by the Professional and Language Communication program.These were all innovative programmes, which covered subjects on which only a few advanced programmes were available in the region, and approached studies from a multi-disciplinary perspective, which was a further unique feature of AINova’s approach. In the years between 1997 and 2004 more than 600 students graduated from AINova programmes. Graduates from Slovakia, east and south Europe found positions mostly in administration, in the public sector, in financial institutions and many of them continued in their doctoral studies at the universities in Western Europe, Canada and in the U.S. The majority of graduates, however, are now in high level positions in the public sector.

In 2000 the European Commission set new priorities that were to ensure that Europe would achieve “the highest quality in education and training” by 2010. The Commission’s new priorities, formulated in the framework of the Lisbon Agenda, marked the start of a new phase in the development of education and training in the European Union context, based on diverse systems sharing common goals. It was expected that these goals will be shared by new Members States in the course of the decade. One of the key priorities in this regard was to develop and enhance life-long and e-learning programmes.

AINova devotes itself to the development and promotion of the distance education and e-learning as the innovative and progressive forms of life-long-learning. These are presented to participants through the course in methodology of flexible learning. Application of this methodology is used in the e-learning course in the European affairs and Environmental protection and environmental education.

Current educational activities are listed on this web page. AINova experts are able to prepare tailored course to the conditions of clients in a short time. In the activities theoretical knowledge is combined with its practical use. Lecturers are coming from AINova, or are recruited from AINova contacts at the ministries, local and regional governments.

Programme and courses run by AINova got the life-long-learning accreditation from the Ministry of Education of the SR No. 1410.