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Housing management

Today is 2. april 2020, namesday has Zita

   Educational Programme for Housing Managers

In August 2012 work on designing the new educational programme for housing managers was finished. In October, the course entitled “Housing stock management in Slovakia” was accredited by the Ministry of Education, Research and Sport.

The aim of the programme is professionalization of the housing management in Slovakia. The participants will gain the knowledge necessary for the housing operations management. Special emphasis is on gaining practical knowledge and skills in the field of economy, renewal and modernisation, successful communication with clients/residents and globally on raising the quality of housing management

The educational programme reflects the outputs of the international project “Efficiency Analysis of Housing Administration in Slovakia” and its content was prepared in close cooperation with its future customers, primarily with the Association of Housing Management in Slovakia, Slovak Union of Housing Cooperatives and Association of the condominiums in Slovakia.

The programme reflects also the new law on conditions of housing management, which is currently being prepared by the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic.

The pilot course in the extent of 102 class hours started in February - June 2013 and is being ealised twice a year. The plan is to train at least 1 staff member of those organisations which participated in the course preparation (about 160 companies).

The development of the educational programme was funded by the PSS Fund.