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European affairs

2.Improving the legal background of public administration staff in settlement of civil disputes


The aim of project (July 2008 – April 2010) was to strengthen the legal background and information of staff at the municipal ofices on the new trends and processes in the Slovak law with regard to the Slovak self-government. The main theme of the project was the application of § 5 of the Civil Code according to which the self-governing organs can issue certain preliminary decisions in civil law cases.

The project activities included:
- consultations at 21 municipal offices
- 10 two-day seminars in different locations around Slovakia presenting the experience from application of § 5 of the Civil Code in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Another topic covered
was the mediation as a way of solving civil law cases outside the court. A part of the seminars was devoted also to EU citizenship and rights of EU citizens when seeking help from EU institutions.
- final conference summarizing the experience and information collected throughout the project.
- publishing of a leaflet, brochure and conference proceedings

The project showed that the theme of § 5 of the Civil Code and its application has not been yet sufficiently discussed in Slovakia. Many municipal offices are not sufficiently informed, many avoid its use. There is a little help from the side of the courts, as the court decisions are few and differing, there are basically no commentaries from academicians or practitioners. Some help can be drawn from the experience in the Czech Republic which has the same legal history and development as Slovakia.
This project was funded from the Norwegian financial mechanism, state budget of Slovakia and co-financed by AINova. The grant was managed by the Open Society Fundation in Bratislava.

Leaflet (SK)
Brochure (SK)
Conference Proceedings (SK)