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European affairs

In-TeaM: Enhancing the pedagogical skills of teachers/trainers of adult learning through mastering innovative teaching methods


Academia Istropolitana Nova was the coordinator of the Grundtvig mobility project – Learning partnership which included, besides AINova, 8 European organisations from Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Spain and Turkey working in the area of lifelong learning.

Then In-TeaM project was focused on mastering innovative teaching methods which, after being adopted, could increase quality in providing adult learning (AL) in the given partner institutions.

During the 2-year course of the project (August 2011 – July 2013) the partners presented 10 innovative methods at 4 workshops (Spain – February 2012, Bulgaria – June 2012, Italy – September 2012, Greece – February 2013). Based on the presentations made at the kick-off meeting in Slovakia in November 2011 there were chosen the most compelling methodologies which the partners have successfully used in their practice. Basic information on each methodology was recorded in writing in respective Information sheets, the given methods were recorded on the camera and the video shots, after being adapted, published on a DVD in order to ensure further dissemination of the project outcomes.

The partners agreed on the universal topic, which each method presented should include - Culture of the Country or a topic related to EU issues. Following this topic, the partners explained the nature of their methods, after that the workshop participants got involved and practised the methods. In the end the participants gave their feedback and expressed their evaluations, comments, proposals.

The outcomes of this partnership include a web site, publicly available minimum 2 years after the project is completed and a DVD containing videos of methods, materials and pictures from the workshops.

Purpose of the partnership was completely fulfilled, all of the partners have already used or will use some of the presented methods or their combination in their practice and some of them are planning to organise a workshop where the most interesting and appropriate methods will be introduced.