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Local development and strategic planing

Kick-off meeting

Kick-off Meeting, 24-25.11.2011

The Kick-off Meeting was organized by the Lead Partner – City of Leipzig for the days of 24-25, November, 2011. The representatives of all project partners take part in this meeting.
The meeting starts with the welcome speeches of the moderator of the meeting Mr Jochen Gauly and the Head of Office for Urban Regeneration and Residential Development Mr. Karsten Gerkens. Mr Karsten Gerkens also talks about the difficult way from project proposal to the actual start of it.
The introductory notes on the EPOurban projet in the Central Europe programme is given as well as the overview of the project – its structure, process and tasks.
The important organizational, administration and financial issues of EPOurban project are discussed during the meeting.
Beside this, all EPOurban partners present their cities and describe the problems they have to face there and give their motivation for the participation in the project. Each project partner presents the work package which is on their responsibility.
The discussion on common goals concludes the presentations. The EPOurban partners conclude that there prevail different aspects, conditions and challenges in their respective cities. However, these differences shall be viewed as a chance and not as a problem. The partners agree that the EPOurban should serve as an umbrella under which the different experiences, knowledge and skills are exchanged. That way, proper instruments to reach the different target groups can be found and optimized.
The partners from the A.I. Nova point out that the main benefit from EPOurban will be to learn from the partners, exchange good practice examples and therefore find suitable arguments in the initiated dialogue with the different stake holders. In this context, “consultancy” should mean the facilitation of public involvement and the acknowledgement of the public needs. The EPOurban partners conclude that the first step should be to collect experiences and the knowledge and to find methods and tools in order to successfully contact and involve private
owners as well as investors.
Alongside presentations and discussions the Kick-off meeting brings the participants for a tram ride along the Georg-Schumann-StraĂźe guided by Deputy Mayor for Urban Development and Construction Martin zur Nedden and Head of Section and Team of the Office for Urban Regeneration and Residential Development Stefan Gabi.