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Project Cycle Management

LLP Grundtvig In-Service training for adult education staff

"Enhancing European Cooperation through Strengthening Project Cycle Management Skills"


Date: June 3 – 7 and October 7 - 11, 2013*

Deadline for Application: May 1 and September 2, 2013

Academia Istropolitana Nova (AINova) is organizing a training course under the title “Enhancing European Cooperation through Strengthening Project Cycle Management Skills”, which will be held in SvätĂ˝ Jur, Slovakia.

Mgr. Zuzana Stefanikova

Mgr. Zuzana Stefanikova, Project Cycle Management trainer/consultant
Mgr. Kata Ciganova, EU Affairs trainer/project manager
Mgr. Marta Jendekova, MA, EU Affairs trainer/ project manager
Mgr. Barbara Kollarova, English language trainer/ Project Cycle Management trainer

The training course will start with the participants’ self-introduction and recognition of their individual training expectations. The first teaching session is focused on the EU Regional Policy and its instruments in order to situate the concept of EU Project Cycle Management into a broader context. Specialised terminology related to EU funds and project cycle management will be delivered by an English language expert within the first day as well. The training will continue with a discourse on projects, on projects’ features and relation among project-programme-and policy. Furthermore, the concept of project cycle will be explained; a project cycle phase by phase will be analysed and discussed, hence the theory will be practiced by the training participants on their own project ideas. Discussions and group work will give participants the opportunity to exchange their individual experience. Presentations of elaborated individual project draft proposals will provide the learning group members with various project ideas and may attract the other training participants for future cooperation. An AINova expert will also introduce comprehensive information about the EU Funds and relevant call for proposals on internet. At the end of the training course each working team will present a draft of a project proposal elaborated during the 5-day training to the lecturers and training participants.

Adult participants over 18 years of age are expected oriented towards adult education; especially teachers (pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs), teacher trainers, careers officers, educational guides and councellors, headteachers/principals/managers of schools/organizations offering adult education; other management staff in the organizations, NGOs, non-teaching administrative staff, members of students/teachers councils in adult education. Adult education managers for disabled persons; representatives of higher education institutions offering outreach courses for adults; organizations working with migrant groups/ethnic minorities; representatives of centres for guidance, counselling or accreditation; other sectors of adult education representatives. Geographically, the recruitment is focused on institutions and individuals from all EU member states, especially from the new member states and EU candidate countries (Croatia, Macedonia, and Turkey). Altogether max. 20 applicants will be accepted. No special selection criteria have been set up. Participants will be selected on a first come, first served basis.

Participants will be asked to fill in the questionnaire related to their working/training experience with project management, European funds, logical matrix framework, international cooperation within the European projects, etc. No prior experience is necessary, as the course is targeted towards individuals with or without experience in project cycle management.

The main objective of the training course is:
1/ to pass knowledge, skills and experience in EU Affairs and Project Cycle Management onto other institutions and target groups especially from the countries which have been recently integrated into the EU as well as from the EU candidate countries.
2/ to support creation of European partnerships and to foster actual cooperation by organising a common European training course; the course will raise awareness of a European dimension in the projects and of its role and importance. EU funds would be used more efficiently and effectively, if these were shared by several organisations fighting similar problems. More coherent and consistent European cooperation is a prerequisite for a successful project preparation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
3/ to assist in increasing exploitation of the EU funds through European multinational partnership projects prepared according the EU Project Cycle Management Guidelines. Hence, the goal is to upgrade the quality and scope of project cycle management skills of the adult population and teachers in in-service training in particular, as one of the target groups of the Grundtvig Programme.
4/ to convey and disseminate information on EU Affairs, EU Regional Policy, EU Funds, etc. among inhabitants of the European Union and on opportunities which have opened up by the fact of their country’s accession to the EU.

Training course takes advantage of the participative and interactive teaching methods and activities. Participants will have the chance to practice various teaching methods, starting with structured discussion, role play, work with case studies, group work, presentations, etc.

Relevant pedagogical approaches are selected to support active learning, such as fulfillment of various assignments and presentation of already collected experience; receiving feedback on the completed assignments, providing guidance during the course and maintaining an inclusive and motivating learning environment based on existence and identification of common problems which will be approached and solved due to cooperation of all participants.

During the in-service training course access to the AINova PC lab and Internet will be provided. Participants will look for information about EU and EU funding on web pages. They will be instructed where to search for relevant information and how they can orientate themselves, etc. PCs and ICT tools will help to keep the workshop more instructive.

Specialised terminology related to the EU Regional Policy, the EU Funds, the EU Project Cycle Management needs to be acquired by adult learners at the beginning of the course. Therefore an introduction to specialised terminology used in the project cycle management will be included in the first day of the course programme.

The course follow up activities will be focused on activities which will help the course participants to continue with development of the acquired skills. E-mail contacts to the course trainers will be available in order to enable consultations on various aspects of their work on projects. E-mail contacts to other participants of the course will be provided as well. Course participants will be asked to inform the course providers about established partnerships, and how these partnerships will be developing after the end of the course in common projects. The expected follow up will result in support of European mobility of adult learners.

Evaluation of the lessons by course participants as well as by trainers and implementation of recommendations into the upcoming training courses is an integral part of educational activities and their improvements. Building a network of the course participants - “peer networking” will lead to improvement of cooperation on a European level. Network will be supported by its own web page – a platform for exchange of information and experience.

The training course will be conducted in English.

Application Info package_pdf

AINova is located in the medieval town of Svätý Jur, nearby Bratislava the capital city of Slovakia, on the slopes of Small Carpathian Mountains. The course will take place on the ground floor of the Information Center of AINova, Prostredna Str. 64, in Svaty Jur, starting on Monday, June 3, 2013/October 7, 2013 until June 7, 2013/October 11, 2013 from 9.00 to 17.00 daily. The seminar room is equipped with 8 PCs with internet connection and a wifi connection for those who will bring their own notebooks.

Ms. Zuzana Stefanikova
Training Leader
Prostredna Str. 47/A
900 21 Svaty Jur
Tel: 00421/2/44 97 04 51-52
Fax: 00421/2/44 97 04 55

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