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Project Cycle Management


Enhancing European Cooperation through Strengthening Project Management Skills - SUMMARY OF THE WORKSHOP


On April 4 – 8, 2011 the LLP-Grundtvig-Workshop with the title “Enhancing European Cooperation through Strengthening Project Management Skills” was organised by AINova in SvätĂ˝ Jur. There were 20 participants selected out of more than 200 applicants from Latvia, Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey present at the workshop.

The workshop was focused on project cycle management (PCM), on explanation and training of the project phases – identification of problems, formulation of project aim, implementation of project activities, and evaluation of project results and their impacts. The workshop enabled participants to orientate themselves in EU Regional Policy and EU funds, to acquire specialised PCM terminology, to establish European partnerships and to develop common project proposals in international teams based on presented information. It consisted of lectures, case studies, group work, presentations, discussions, and finished with the evaluation of three project proposals elaborated during the workshop. The first project was focused on the improvement of the quality of services provided by the Statistical offices in 3 participating countries. The second project elaborated by participants from 5 countries concentrated on activities for seniors and improvement of the quality of their lives in retirement. The third project focused on development of tourism in the Black Sea region beyond the typical tourist seasons and was elaborated by participants from countries on the Black Sea.

Participants received a handbook with basic Slovak terminology related to everyday situations and cultural awareness. Their cultural programme included a visit to the Red Stone Castle in Častá, a guided tour in Svätý Jur and Bratislava city to acquire information about the culture and history of the capital city of the Slovak Republic and a piece of history related to the Lesser Carpathians region.

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