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Cultural heritage

Manor-house in Modra

A presentation of the manor-house in Modra is the first of the list of five selected historic building
in the Lesser Carpathian region. The presentation consists of rich graphic documentation which interprets the built and historic development of the manor-house. The presentation consists of four posters which interpret a story of the manor-house in a well-arranged and understandable way. The story tells about several centuries in which the object was originally built and worked as a successful mill with continually growing outbuildings behind. The mill was then in 19th century transformed in to an aristocratic summer residence and in the beginning of 20th century was adapted as a state school.


The hypotetical reconstruction of the object,          The historic photo (after 1922), from
author Mr. P. HoranskĂ˝
                                         a collection of Mr. J. PetrakoviÄŤ

The rich graphical documentation consists of analytical layouts, historic drawings, historic photos and maps. A hypothetic reconstruction which visualizes the object state in 16th century, in the period when it was a mill is also part of the interpretation.
The presentation posters of the development of the manor-house in Modra can be seen in the gateway of the manor-house (today the Lesser Carpathian Culture Centre on Horna street no. 20 in Modra) where these posters are accessible to the wide public.