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Local development and strategic planing

Midterm conference in Sopot

The next meeting of EPOurban partners is going to take place in Sopot, at 17-18 of October, 2012.

Social and demographic change in European cities exposes residential housing stocks to an extreme pressure to adapt. Trends like the aging society, shrinking population numbers, in- and out-migration, changing household patterns, new lifestyles, growing numbers of poor households and rising awareness towards ecological aspects lead to new needs for housing. This is a real challenge for the cities development and owners of residential buildings. As the majority of Central European residential buildings belong to single private owners who often struggle with lack the necessary financial resources and knowledge of conducting repair works and related to them administrative procedures. Stabilizing this situation will provide the sustainable development of socio - economic development of the region, improving the quality of life, responsible management of resources and the rational use of urban areas in the Central Europe cities.

Project EPOurban - "Enabling Private Owners of Residential Buildings to Integrate them into Urban Restructuring Processes" intends to overcome the ongoing changes by making available instruments for the activation of private owners in order to integrate them into housing and urban development strategies. More information about the project on:

Conference - "Implementation of urban regeneration projects" will focus on successful aspects of renewal process involving private participation, which is taking place in European cities. We would like to present examples of good practices realize in the partner’s cities of the Central Europe, i.e. Leipzig, Prague, Bratislava, Celje and Bolzano as well as locally in Sopot. At the same time, based on the triangulation analysis of European housing quality standards, we want to develop and promote a common system of advisory services for international use. Detailed program of the conference You can find attached.

The conference is addressed to a wide range of stakeholders, such as representatives of the local governments – urban spatial planning units, private owners, architects and urban planners, construction experts, representatives of scientific and training institutions, as well as local experts in real estate, technology and financial advisors and interested parties.

The conference will be held on 17th of October 2012, in Sopot Haffner Hotel,
59 J. J. Haffner str. (Poland).

If You are interested in participation please register via e-mail - until 12th of October 2012.