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About AINova


The Civic Association AINova was established according to the law No. 83/1990 coll. on associating of citizens in the wording of later regulations. By-laws of the Civic Association are registered at the Ministry of Interior of the SR No. VVS/1-900/90-11957-3. The bodies of the association are: General Assembly, Board of Trustees, Secretariat, Executive Director. (AINova By-laws)

AINova is an independent non-governmental organisation of life-long learning. AINova concentrates on activities aiming at raising the competitiveness of the Slovak Republic and helping Slovakia meet the challenges of membership in the EU specifically by capacity building and human resources development. AINova offers specialised education, consultancy and participates in applied research. It organises one-year programmes and short-term courses for participants from the state sector, public sector, as well as for groups of professionals. Since its establishment in 1996 AINova has fostered an international dimension of education and research through networking and communication.
The vision of AINova is to constantly promote values of democracy and civil society.

In its activities AINova supports key values such as reliability, transparency, accountability, adaptability and efficiency
AINova fulfils its mission through the provision of life-long learning, applied research, and consultancy. All the activities that AINova runs have a public character. They are run with the goal of increasing the capacity, effectiveness, and professionalism of both public and private sectors.

Life-long learning takes the form of specialised programme in specific subject areas such as built heritage conservation and development, environmental policy, European studies, public policy, or in the form of short-term training courses, distance courses, e-learning, conferences, seminars and workshops. The particular importance of these has been growing in recent years. AINova courses and programmes have received life-long learning accreditation awarded by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic.

Further on, AINova is developing various activities oriented towards solving practical problems related to local development, e.g. preparation of strategic plans and territorial management, use of structural funds and other EU funds for regional development, and preparation and management of projects. Together with preparation of training courses AINova works on advertising of new forms of education, specifically distance form and e-learning.

Specialised programmes and courses run both in Slovak and English. Language courses of English, French, German, and others also belong to the portfolio of AINova.