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European affairs

Modernisation of education in Moldova

Project “Modernisation of Education in Moldova - preparation of teachers and students for e-learning methodology enhances the access to flexible education”

A 2-year project “Modernisation of education in Moldova” aims at supporting reforms in the educational sector and improving access to education through mediation of e-learning methodology as a form of flexible learning. The implementer of the project is Academia Istropolitana Nova, a Slovak civic association engaged in lifelong learning since 1996 in a close cooperation and coordination with its Moldovan partner - Institute for Public Policy.

Purpose of the project consists in training the target group – 30 Moldovan secondary school and higher education teachers using computer-aided teaching, experts in the field of flexible education - in creating, managing and tutoring of e-learning courses. There were 2 trainings and a workshop held in SvätĂ˝ Jur, Slovakia and a conference in Chisinau, Moldova.
The outcomes of the trainings are represented by 2 manuals - Handbook of e-education – a technically and methodologically oriented manual with a focus on the Moodle system and Interactive tools of e-learning containing practical information, tips and examples of methods applicable in online courses. Both printed manuals were distributed in the Romanian language.
The other handbook – Interactive tools of e-learning – was closely related to the workshop held in August 2013 that was aimed at lecturing 9 Moldovan participants in using interactive methods and at the same time gaining their feedback which would improve the handbook formally and content-wise.
In the meantime, in April 2013 there was held a conference in Chisinau - e-Learning in the EU Education Agenda. Case of Slovakia and Moldova participated by about 70 Moldovan secondary school and higher education teachers using computer-aided teaching, trainers in adult learning, policy makers in the area of education, experts in the field of flexible education, officials responsible for implementing ICT in general education. The conference was focused on sharing the experience of Slovak and Moldovan experts in the field of education with an accent on e-learning within the framework of European affairs.
The outcome of the conference is represented by an electronic publication in Romanian and English versions containing 9 contributions presented at the conference.
The project finished in mid-September but the project partners hope that thanks to the achieved results the project sustainability will be kept for several years after its completion.

This project was implemented from the funds
of the official development aid programme SlovakAid
(September 2011 – September 2013)