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Project Cycle Management

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Academia Istropolitana Nova (AINova) is organizing training course in Project Cycle Management for participants from the whole Europe.
Adult participants over 18 years of age are expected oriented towards adult education; especially
teachers (pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs), teacher trainers,
careers officers, educational guides and councellors, headteachers/principals/managers of
schools/organizations offering adult education; other management staff in the organizations,
NGOs, non-teaching administrative staff, members of students/teachers councils in adult
education. Adult education managers for disabled persons; representatives of higher education
institutions offering outreach courses for adults; organizations working with migrant groups/ethnic
minorities; representatives of centres for guidance, counselling or accreditation; other sectors of
adult education representatives. 
Course objectives are:
1. to pass knowledge, skills and experience in EU Affairs and Project Cycle Management onto
other institutions and target groups especially from the countries which have been recently
integrated into the EU as well as from the EU candidate countries;
2. to support creation of European partnerships and to foster actual cooperation by organising a
common European training course; the course will raise awareness of a European dimension
in the projects and of its role and importance. EU funds would be used more efficiently and
effectively, if these were shared by several organisations fighting similar problems. More
coherent and consistent European cooperation is a prerequisite for a successful project
preparation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation;
3. to assist in increasing exploitation of the EU funds through European multinational partnership
projects prepared according the EU Project Cycle Management Guidelines. Hence, the goal is
to upgrade the quality and scope of project cycle management skills of the adult population
and teachers in in-service training in particular, as one of the target groups of the Grundtvig
4. to convey and disseminate information on EU Affairs, EU Regional Policy, EU Funds, etc. 
Working language is English.
Mrs. Zuzana Stefanikova
project manager/lecturer