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Local development and strategic planing


The partnership consists of 6 Municipalities – City of Leipzig (Project partner 1 - PP1), Municipality of Sopot (PP3), Municipality of Bolzano (PP5), Prague 11 Metropolita District (PP7), Municipality of Celje (PP8) and City of Bratislava (PP9), an association of the municipalities Regional Developmen Association Voitsberg (Bärnbach, Köflach, Voitsberg), a project agency Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig GmbH (PP2) and a research institute Academia Istropolitana Nova (PP10). 

AINova is one of 9 partners of the project EPOurban (Enabling Private Owners of Residential Buildings to Integrate them into Urban Restructuring Processes). In the EPOurban project AINova is in charge of the Work Package 3 – Definition of local and national preconditions and consultation needs. The main responsibilities of AINova lies on contribution to scientific input to the project – to ensure the sound methodological approach; to collect data on housing conditions, assess social and demographic trends and developments, housing market, funding conditions and legal preconditions and make the results easily accessible to others by construction a blended-learning tool. The project can bring a valuable experience in initiating adaptation of residential areas to demographic and social change and facilitate the integrated development of urban residential areas. Involvement of other than governmental stakeholders is among other interests of long-term goal of AINova activities, especially due to the very specific situation in housing stock ownership structure in Slovakia – since the majority of housing units were privatised, the common property of housing associations and public space is neglected. AINova is also interested to benefit from international experience in the field of enhancing private investments in housing stock.

EPOurban Cities will jointly conceptualize and implement the consulting system, disseminate the results and act as policy entrepreneur for urban development. Aufbauwerk (PP2) will design a business concept to facilitate the consulting system as self-sustaining and carry out the EPOacademy.