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Consultation in project design, project implementation, administration and financial reporting

With exception to the interactive course Project Design & Management, you can use AINova’s consultation services in this field.

We support you from the beginning of your project, right up to the very end.

AINova experts offer counselling and recommendations to the potential project promoters:

  • how and where to raise money for your project
  • how to be familiar with a number of possibilities of getting money for your project idea
  • what is important to know when making a decision and what Call for proposal is the most appropriate for you
  • how and where to get information about EU funding possibilities
  • how and where to find appropriate project partners
  • how to make your project idea eligible for the certain Call for proposal
  • how to make the problem analysis and set up realistic project objectives
  • how to make the right decision which objectives will become objectives of your project
  • how to write a project application form
  • how to successfully implement and manage your project
  • how to secure financial sustainability of project activities at the end of your project

Why you should have a consultation before your tailored-made project?

  • You will save money
  • You may learn during the process of project planning and implemantation
  • You will progress quickly
  • You will avoid the situation that external expert will set up the project objectives which you will not be able to achieve
  • After some time you will be able to design and implement your project by yourself

What is a project?

  • Systematic and logical defining of project levels and its objectives and defining of their interactions
  • Indication of achieved objectives
  • Monitoring of external factors influencing successful preparation/implementation of the project

A project is a temporary activity focused on a production (development) of specific product(s) or service(s). It has to achieve its goals/objectives by a specific time with exactly specified financial and personnel resources .
What is a logical framework approach?

The Logical Framework Approach (LFA) was developed in the late 1960’s to assist the US Agency of International Development to improve its project planning and evaluation system.
LFA is an elementary instrument used in project cycle management for planning and management of the project. It is a technique for identification and analysis of given situation which consequently allows to define goals and activities needed for improvement of the situation.

What is a logical framework matrix (Logframe)?

Logframe is the key tool in each phase of the project cycle – usable in the phases of programming as well as during implementation and evaluation.
Logframe allows: