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European affairs

Projects activities

Meetings of partners

Partners have 4 meetings during lifetime of the project:

1. 24 – 25 November 2008, Prague, Czech Republic

2. 12 – 13 March 2009, SvätĂ˝ Jur, Slovakia

3. October 2009, Madrid, Spain

4. May 2010, Svätý Jur, Slovakia

Needs analysis

The partners made a survey among target group representatives (236 respondents) in their countries. The results of the survey will be reflected in the course – the content, length and form.

Testing workshop

Testing workshop takes place in Madrid, Spain in October 2009. Workshop is a testing tool. 30 teachers or trainers from partner countries will participate to test the course designed by partners within the project. The results of the workshop will be reflected in the final version of the course.

E-learning course

The course is the crucial output of the project.

International conference

The 1 day conference takes place in Svätý Jur, Slovakia in May 2010.