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European affairs

Projects Completed

The biggest projects ran and completed by the experts in the field of European Integration in 2004 - 2011:

In-TeaM: Enhancing the pedagogical skills of teachers/trainers of adult learning through mastering innovative teaching methods

Universities - the source of consolidation of civil society in neighbouring Ukrajine (SlovakAid Project)

EKWALS – Enhancing Knowledge Workers´ Adult Learning Solutions (GRUNDTVIG Project)

E-EdUcAtED - E-Learning on EU - Adult Education for Teachers (GRUNDTVIG Project) 2008 - 2010

Improving the legal background of public administration staff in settlement of civic disputes 2008-2010

E-LAMP - Spotlight on learning, access, methodology and pedagogic in E-learning, 2007-2009

AGIS/Europeanizácia väzenského manažmentu 2007-2008

SlovakAid/ Bratislava Belgrade Fund 2005-2007

SlovakAid/ UNDP Trust Fund 2004- 2005

European Social Fund/SOP Human Resources, Priority 3 2005-2006

European Social Fund/ JPD Bratislava, Goal 3 2005-2006

Approximation of Law and institution building 2004