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European affairs

Projects presentation

The aim of the project is to design and offer to target group a product - on line course on EU topics which is easily accessible to all of them, which is modern, challenging, European, giving them opportunities to improve not only academic knowledge but also other skills, e.g. digital skills, language skills. The methodology of the work is to share the best practices of 7 partners active in education both in formal and informal one, to put the best input from each of them as for content so for a form.

The product reflects all the needs of target group. It gives them flexibility via its e-learning form, it gives them space to discuss with each other and even with colleagues from other member state, it is available in their mother language, as well as in other languages (EN, ES, FR, DE, SK, CZ, RO, PL).

The quality of the product is continuously ensured by testing workshop with participation of target group and international conference with participation of representatives of target group as well as persons responsible for education in state, local and European administration.

The valorization of the result of the project is ensured by comprehensive dissemination and exploitation strategy and its application in at least 7 member states.