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Local development and strategic planing


The EPOurban partnership is a joint concerted project of transnational value to work against social and spatial segregation in an urban context.
     The project partner cities (Praha, Leipzig, Sopot, Bolzano, Celje, Bratislava) face severe problems in parts of their urban areas. Economic decline, vacancies and decay lead to social tension and segregation. Consequently these areas of privately owned housing have become unattractive to real estate investors. A downwards spiral of weak financial capacities and spreading decay has lead to market failure in housing, worsened by lacking capacities of private owners to take action (e.g. knowledge on financing possibilities, missing property concepts). In reaction and to break this downward spiral the EPOurban partners aim to sensitize, activate and mobilize private owners by consulting services. While other Central Europe projects focus on public property in urban renewal, private house owners have largely been neglected. EPOurban partners identified private owners as key actors and together elaborated the concept of a consulting system to initiate private investment.
     EPOurban is a contribution to territorial cohesion and a balanced and sustainable territorial development in urban regions with strong demographic and social problems. The transnational cooperation will establish joint solutions on demographic and social matters in an urban context and at the same time respecting particular regional framework conditions.
     EPOurban will develop a consulting service to upgrade existing residential housing stocks, fitting for Central European municipalities of different sizes and economic backgrounds. The universal application and its transferability make EPOurban core outputs an ideal instrument for other cities to implement. It bears the ability to upgrade and adapt living conditions throughout Central Europe.