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SK Presidency of the EU Council

Today is 25. february 2020, namesday has Frederik

SK Presidency of the EU Council

Slovakia started preparing for its first Presidency term in the Council of the EU in the second half of 2016. Just like we followed the EU accession process and ran various training events for civil servants and public, also now the European Affairs Dpt of AINova wishes to participate. We started preparing a series of activites that contribute to better preparedness for the Presidency tasks.

When planning our activites we will be guided by the following paragraph published at the Ministry of Foreing and European Affairs website (

The Presidency is an opportunity to
• show that Slovakia is a fullfledged and trustworthy member of the EU that can effectively manage European affairs and contribute to consensus making among 28 Member States as well as move forward the diskussion on common European challenges;
• deepen the understanding of EU functioning and policy making among civil servants and so improve the way of dealing with tasks and opportunities flowing from the EU membership;
• present culture, society, history and natural beauty of our country and last but not least
• enliven the domestic dialogue and interest of citizens in EU membership and increase their awareness of the EU.
This site will be a place where you can find interesting documents and materials on Presidency issues, as well as information about our activities and other activities related to Presidency as well as answers to questions.