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Strategic Planning and Tutorial Management

AINova provides consultation services in terms of strategic planning of the economic and social development of your town or region.

Strategic planning can help your town or region to:

  • effectively direct the local development
  • mobilise the internal resources
  • harmonise the concepts of the decision- making stake holders
  • create concrete partnerships between public and private sectors
  • improve the qualify of life
  • stimulate the growth of the local economy
  • sustain existing firms and enterprises
  • ameliorate the local commercial environment
  • attract direct foreign and domestic investments
  • improve the preparedness to draw on the auxiliary recourses from the EU funds

Between 2001 and 2006, the methodology of strategic planning AINova has been using, was successfully put into effect during the creation of the development plans for the towns of Bardejov, HumennĂ©, Martin, Ĺ aÄľa and Trnava. At the end of 2006, AINova developed the methodology of strategic planning for Bratislava- the capital city of Slovakia.In 2008, BHCD carried out consulting activities to process development plans of the village of Rovinka and the town of SvätĂ˝ Jur; and progressed with the development of themes of housing stock management.   

In 2009-2010, concerning the topic of strategic planning and territorial management, AINova concentrated the BHCD capacities on the compilation of a developmental programme for Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia.

We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience.