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Cultural heritage

Student papers

Student Trimester Papers

The students prepare a trimester paper in minimum extent of 15 pages on a selected topic. The students are welcome to formulate topics of their own. However, the selected topic has to be discussed with the tutorial supervisor. The paper is submitted to the examining committee and presented to the study group and the committee (30 minutes, with 15 minutes discussion). The aim of this assignment is to prove the ability to formulate a topic and pose an appropriate research question, conduct research, prepare a relevant bibliography, and give the tentative answer. The aim is thus not to actually prepare the topic in detail but to show the right approach, think of a structure, and prepare a corresponding outline. At the end of each academic year the best AINova student paper is awarded by the Alena Brunovská Award.

Awarded Student Paper
Vernacular Architecture in the Central Danube Region by Eva Hody, BHCD Studies 2000/2001

* One & Now
* Preservation, Renewal & the Philosophy of Repair
* Village Reneval & the Preservation of Rural Culture

On the base of the student paper, in March 2007 an exhibition entitled Common Heritage was opened as the first activity of an international project Partners for Heritage.

Student papers 2007/2008

Conservation of Oblazy Site a Question of Authenticity

Modern Movenment Conservations

Redeveloping Industrial Heritage in Bratislava

Should Architectual Cubism be put on the WHS List

The Maintenance of Historical Buildings - Case of Carpentry in Svaty Jur

Understanding the Values of the Oblazy Site in Kvacinska Valley

Wooden Heritage of Vilnius

Student papers 2009/2010

Abandoned Buildings and Public Involvement

How to Restore an Historic Property in Slovakia

Legal Protection of Cultural Heritage

Legal Protection of Cultural Heritage Continued - Tax Incentives for Conservation

Peopling the Heritage

The Argument about the Cultural Heritage Value and its Assessment and the Legal Consequences