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European affairs

The EKWALS Project final event held in Palermo on October 21, 2011


                                                                                                 PRESS RELESE - OCT 2011

CERISDI hosted the closing event where the international consortium presented the final results of the of the EKWALS Project funded under the Lifelong Learning Programme.

More than 50 practitioners of training and adult learning from academia, public and private sectors attended the event and actively engaged in panel discussions, especially on the MISTRAL: the IT platform that allows to profile adult knowledge workers to identify the most suitable mix of training methodologies accordingly.

In addition to consortium members, the panel included a Professor from University of Palermo, department of pedagogy and the regional representative of the Italian Trainers Association who both recognised the research relevance of the EKWALS project and practical efficacy of the MISTRAL tool.

The innovative solutions and products of EKWALS allow to capture the learning propensity of adult learners and identifying the most suitable mix of methodologies to facilitate their learning experience. MISTRAL is the user friendly interface allowing learners and providers to more promptly tailor the learning to the specific needs and characteristics of adult learners.

The final event proved successful in providing greater visibility to the product results that will remain available in the dedicated website