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European affairs

7.Training of the Employees of the Public Administration and Municipalities in Topics Necessary for Local and Regional Development, PROMISE, 2005-2006

The project funded by the European Social Fund/SOP Human Resources, Priority 3
focused on improvement of the skills and knowledge of the public administration employees in 12 micro-regions in Slovakia. Training was realized in the following topics: EU influence on existence and development of Slovak regions, structural funds and other EU programme, strategic planning and local development, project design and management, PC skills and Internet. Trainings ran in micro-regions Cedron, Požitavie-Širočina, Zdroje Biele Karpaty, Uhrovská dolina, Medzihorie, Pliešovská kotlina, Veľkoveské združenie in 2005. There were cca. 15 employees trained in every micro-region.