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Local development and strategic planing

Transnational Triangulation Workshop

Sväty Jur-Bratislava, 23-24.04.2012


23.04.2012, Sväty Jur

The main goal of the triangulation workshop was to define the common goals and next steps in order to complete the joint triangulation report including the four categories - social (demographic), economic, financial and cultural. Therefore the comparison of the available data of all partner cities was presented
Partners of all the cities gave the overview of the local conditions of their towns. The base of these presentations is the questionnaire which structure is based on already mentioned  four indicators – demographic, economic, financial and cultural. EPOurban partners also presented their activities in their cities. Each of the city, depending on its  specific situation, identifies the problems and potentials in their target area. They tried to get into contact with the private residential owners in their target areas, then to organize meetings with them and to work with them coninually and sustainably.  Each of the town has different steps and strategies  since the situation of each city is different however the main aim is the same – to enable privatte owners of residential buildings to integrate into urban restructuring processes.
The first day of the workshop finished with the discussion - open questions were raised and cleared during the debates.

24.04.2012, Bratislava

The workshop continued in Bratislava at PetrĹľalka City District. Ing. arch Jozef Nemec introduced PetrĹľalka District to the participants. Also the target area in PetrĹľalka district was introduced by the Bratislava City partners. The meeting continued with the presentation of the Director of the Housing Policy and Urban Development Dpt (Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development) Mrs Elene Szolgayová who talked about EPOurban project within the national policy in Slovakia.

The excursion through the target area followed after presentations which was leaded by Ing. arch. Jozef Nemec.

ISC Meeting

The Interregional Steering Committee (ISC) discussed the following items:

- The Corporate Identity manual, which was presented by the Lead partner, City of Leipzig; It was endorsed by the Steering Committee  members;
- The project website, presented by TIS – external expert of City of Bolzano; ISC agrees on the launch of the website designed and programmed by TIS in Bolzano; project website - - should be launched untill 18th of May;
- The project leaflet presentation by the partners from Sopot; ISC endorses the design but asks to amend the leaflet untill 6th of June;
- Question of promotion materials; All Partners are asked to provide ideas and designs for EPOurban promotion material;
- Reporting issues;
- Upocoming tasks and next partners meeting. LP presents the time-plan for the upcoming tasks; The next EPOurban partners meeting is planned to take place in 17-18 of October in Sopot.