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About AINova

Use 2% of tax in 2010

A receiver of a paid income tax proportion of a natural person and a corporate body. In line with § 50 section 13 of Law No. 595/2003 Coll. of Law on income tax, Academia Istropolitana Nova, headquarters: Prostredná 47/A, 900 21 SvätĂ˝ Jur, Company Registration Number 317 55 976 issues these data on the specification of the paid income tax proportion disbursement of a natural person and a corporate body for 2008, obtained in 2009.

Specification of disbursement of income from the 2% of tax for the year 2010.

Purpose of paid tax proportion
Amounted in euro Allocation
1 Protection and conservation of cultural values 58 362,625

2 451,670

Tourist Information Centre operation, focused on the promotion of the Lesser Carpathian Region cultural values and Cultural Heritage Activities.

Library operation within the Tourist Information Centre.

2 Education support 10 811,360 Cost connected with organization of the course "Project Cycle Management" project, membership, publicity of the AINova activities, technical and administrative support of institution.
3 Education support 25 275,51 Support for the programme Built  Heritage Conservation 2009/2010.

96 901,165 =
96 901

According to § 50 subparagraph 4, Act No. 595/2003 Col.on income tax