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Local development and strategic planing

Transnational Triangulation workshop

Sväty Jur and Bratislava, 23-24.04.2012
Transnational triangulation workshop of EPOurban partners is going to take place in Sväty Jur (first day) and Bratislava (second day), next week 23-24 of April, 2012.

The main questions are going to be discussed at the meeting concerns the local conditions by each project partner and general preconditions on EU and National level. The method of local triangulation and EU comparison  is going to be set up in three aspects: economic, legal and socio-cultural.  A common method, necessary for sound comparison, is going to be discussed and jointly agreed in this workshop.

The second day of the meeting will take part in Bratislava. It will start with the visit of the target area of Bratislava City. There will be a visit to the office of PetrĹľalka City District as well as a walk in the area.

The Steering committe will have its meeting on 24 of April when the questions of communication outputs will be presented and discussed. Also CI-manual,  website and leaflet will be presented. The project reporting issues will be also important topic to discuss during the Steering committee meeting.