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O AINova

MOVED- Creating a Modern Adult Education Policy in Slovakia

The goal of the project is to contribute to the creation of effective public policy in adult education, increasing number of adults involved in learning and incresing quality of life.

AXESS - Acquisition of Key Competences for Economic and Social Sustainability

Official project web page:

The ultimate goal of the project is to enhance employability of women through developed and more proactive social and civic engagement. In today´s world this is firmly linked with the level of their competences.

European Parliament Ambassador School

Project aims at stimulating an awareness of Europe and European parliamentary democracy among young people by giving them active knowledge of the EU and the European Parliament in particular. 

We have recently completed the following projects:

A/ Project supported from the Programme LLP-Comenius-CNW "E-School for Sustainability in the Danube Region", period 2014-2016

B/ Project supported from the Programme LLP-Grundtvig-GML "Comparative Analysis of Regional Policies for Adult Learning", period 2014-2015.

C/ Project supported from the Programme LLP-LdV-TOI "Mentor Training for Learning Support Assistants and Apprentices - MentorT", period 2012-2014